Shangri-la Gurkha Saving

Shangrila Gorkha Savings

We respect for the bravery that our brothers/fathers/uncles had shown and will be showing as Gorkhali in foreign land. They have earned name and fame aboard and they deserve recognition in their motherland, hence with respect and as a way to recognition their bravery we have customized the product “Shangri-La Gurkha Saving” to suit them best with high rate of interest and accidental insurance.

As the name suggest this is deposit product customized for ex-army personal.

a Minimum Balance NRs.500.00
b Age Minimum 16 years
c Withdrawal / Deposit Unlimited
d Interest Posting Quarterly Basis
e Interest Rate 6.25% per annum
a Interest bearing account which yield high return on deposit
b Free ATM Debit Card is available so as to withdrawal amount from ATM
c Mbanking\SMS banking facilities is provided
d ABBSfacility is available
e Free Chequebook is available for those maintaining stipulated minimum for chequebook
f Free statement available for one time
g Free passbook available for recording the transactions