Shangri-la Endownment Fund

Organization and individual who are involving in social service and helping in betterment of society have a need of perpetual deposit account which assist them in earning higher rate of return. Feeling this need of yours we have specially customized Shangri-La Endowment Fund Account to suit your need.

a Perpetual deposit ( Amount cannot be withdrawn except in case of dissolution of the Fund itself)
b To be entered into through the standard contract with the Fund Management Committee
c Base Rate: Rate existing on 2 years FD however it can be changed on mutual consultation with the organization
d Separate call/saving account to be maintained to provide the interest quarterly
e An amount of 0.5% of the fund to be contributed by the bank in that account every year on its average deposit as its corporate social responsibility if the Fund is for social cause
f No Cheque book shall be issued in this account
g Free statement shall be provided on quarterly basis on demand
a Should be approved organization from the Government of Nepal
b Group of individuals would like to have Akshya Kosh for social cause
Minimum Balance