Deprived Sector/ MicroFinance

As Shangri-la  is the bank with the aim of assisting in the overall development of the nation and being responsible corporate body we have introduce Micro Finance to uplift the underprivileged of the society. If you are in need of fund to start small business but you do not know where to go then Shangri-la Development Bank Ltd. is the right place for you. Even if you do not have collateral you may step in for assistance for obtaining loan.

Our Micro Finance department also provides you with loan to construct low cost housing and others various facilities.

Our Micro Finance departments are also located at :

  1. Pokhara Micro Finance
  2. Dulegauda Micro Finance
  3. Baglung Micro Finance
  4. Amarapuri Micro Finance
  5. Gulariya Micro Finance
  6. Imadole Micro Finance


For further details please contact at:
Shangrila Development Bank Ltd.
Phone: (01)-4421861/62/63,4422864
Fax: (01)-4421766