Foreign Employment Loan

You have obtained visa or in the process of obtaining visa but need money to finance your travel abroad then visit our nearest branch for financing your need.

Product that you can avail for
a Financing your abroad visit for employment
a Collateral shall be required for above mentioned product
b Maximum of 70% of distress value of the collateral shall be availed as loan
c Collateral should be accessible by at least 8 feet wide motorable road
d Collateral should be free from Guthi and mohi; and far from high tension wire
e Collateral shall be valuated by authorized valuator of the bank
f Maximum tenure of loan shall be of 2 years or contract period or validity of visa
g Client should be at least of 21 years and should not be more than 50 years at the time of availing loan
a Easy repayment plan matching with the income of the client
b Personalized service
c Quick processing and decision shall be obtained within 48 hours after complete submission of documents
d Easy documentation
a Valid visa obtained for foreign employment of person going abroad
b Photocopy of passport of person going abroad
c Passport size photograph (3 Copies) of Loan Applicant / (1 copy) of Guarantor
d Photocopy of Citizenship of Applicant / Guarantor
e Photocopy of Land/Building Ownership certificate (Lal Purja)
f Four Boundary Certificate ( Char Killa )
g Blue Print Map of the proposed collateral land
h Building construction approval from Municipality / VDC along with drawing plans (applicable where building is involved).
i Land revenue tax (malpot receipt)
j Income certifying document (salary letter, balance sheet, rental agreement etc)

Charges and Interest Rate

Please visit our nearest branch for further information and to learn about charges and interest rate