Auto Loan


You may be off lately thinking of owning a car or changing your vehicle or owning a commercial vehicle then we here at Shangri-La Development Bank is there to help you to make your dream come true.

Product that you can avail for
a Purchasing of New Vehicles
b Purchasing of Used Vehicles
c Purchasing of Commercial Vehicles
a Maximum of 80% of the value of the vehicle shall be provided as loan
b Used vehicle shall be valuated by authorized valuator of the bank
c Client should be at least of 21 years and should not be more than 60 years at the time of availing loan
d Maximum tenure of loan shall be of 10 years
e In some instance land and building shall be taken as extra collateral
a Easy repayment plan matching with the income of the client
b Personalized service
c Quick processing and decision shall be obtained within 48 hours after complete submission of documents
d Easy documentation
a Passport size photograph (3 Copies) of Loan Applicant / (1 copy) of Guarantor
b Photocopy of Citizenship of Applicant / Guarantor
c Quotation of the new vehicle from authorized dealer
d Valuation report of used vehicle from authorized valuator
e Income certifying document (salary letter, balance sheet, rental agreement etc)
f Firm / company registration and PAN in case of business entity
g Partnership deed (for Partnership firm) / Board Resolution for Private / Public Company

Charges and Interest Rate

Please visit our nearest branch for further information and to learn about charges and interest rate