Shangrila Remittance product

Sending and receiving money to and from your loved ones hadn’t been as easy as it with our remittance services. We offer quite a number of remittance services to our valued customers through our network of more than 30 outlets. Be it sending money for personal purpose, business or for execution of any other work, we are always committed to provide you with fast, reliable and easy money transfer service so visit our point of representation for sending and receiving money within no time.

Demand Draft

Demand Draft is a cheque drawn by a bank on its own branches or on its correspondent banks’ branches requesting the latter to pay the particular sum of money to the person named in the draft. You can request SDBL to issue DD against the payment or your account balance for remittance purpose. SDBL can draw drafts on a number of its correspondent banks located all over the nation.
(View Our List of Correspondent Banks)

Anywhere Branching Service(ABBS)

All the branches of SDBL are connected to each other. Any accounts opened in any of our branches can be accessed through any other branches at real time. So with ABBS our customers can deposit, withdraw and enquire balance for accounts opened in one branch from any of our other Branches.

Managers Cheques

It is a cheque drawn by SDBL on itself, on your request. Beneficiary can send the cheque on collection or through clearing or can deposit it in his or her account with SDBL itself. It is a simple way of transferring money within different cities of the nation.

Other Remittance Partners

You will be able to receive money from all over the world through our remittance partners.