Loan Against FDR

You are short of cash but have liquid assets like Gold & Silver, Fixed Deposit Receipt or Share Certificate then we at Shangri-La Development Bank are ready to convert them into liquid cash by providing loan against the lien of them.

Product you can avail for
a Personal use against Fixed Deposit Receipt
a Maximum loan amount 90% of Fixed Deposit Receipt
b 90% of Fixed Deposit Receipt Maturity of Fixed Deposit Receipt
c Age of the Client At least of 18 years
a Interest Payment of monthly basis and loan settlement at the time of maturity of FD
b Personalized Service
c Quick Processing and loan shall be availed within 1 hour from submission of complete documents
d Easy Documentation
Documents Required
a FD account holder must be present in person
b Original Fixed Deposit Receipt for FD Loan
c Passport size photograph (3 copies) of Loan Applicant / (1 copy) of Guarantor
d Photocopy of Citizenship of Applicant / Guarantor
e Income certifying document ( Salary letter, balance sheet , rental agreement etc)

Charges and Interest Rate

Please visit our nearest branch for further information and to learn about charges and interest rate.